This was: The Answer Winter-Streetball-Challenge 2010

We are proud to present to you the results for the first WINTER-STREETBALL-CHALLENGE, held on February 6th 2010.

20 teams (76 players) took the challenge and about 50 people came to watch the spectacular games.

BaAleksander Trivan vs. Kevin PaytonAleksander Trivan vs. Kevin Paytonsket2000 were able to defeat Randy WatBasket2000: Marcus Carr, Stjepan Stazic & Aleksandar TrivanBasket2000: Marcus Carr, Stjepan Stazic & Aleksandar Trivanson in the finals and took home the 400 Euro prize money. Stjepan Stazic especially stroke out as a player with his team Marcus Carr, Aleksander Trivan and Aaron Stazic. They went through the whole tournament without being defeated once. Marcus Carr played an exemplary point guard position, giving the assists to his team mates Stjepan Stazic, the Go-To-Guy, Aleksandar Trivan, who was always ready to take the 3 point shot. The team Randy Watson with the Basket Club players Kevin Payton, Lorenzo O’Neal and Michael Anderson lost a game in the preliminary rounds but became better a lot better in the finals. Although it wasn’t enough for their victory, the final game was clearly worth watching since Hoop-Games vs. Ace-GunnersHoop-Games vs. Ace-Gunnersto equal teams played against each other.

The Vienna street ball team Hoop-Games with Pete Horvath, Drazen Pejic, Andreas Mijatovic and Marko Anselgruber took the third place. They proved with their team captain Pete Horvath, that you can still make your move on younger players, even if you are over 40 years old. The game was well balanced and a nice one to watch. Although the Ace Gunners with Christoph Knittl, Ray Singla, Joshua Wells und Jeff Stockett were able to beat the Hoop-Game-Team in the preliminary rounds, they lost to them in the finals. One could observe that the players were physically tired after competing against other teams for most of the day. And while the Ace-Gunners had difficulties delivering their 3 point shots, Pete Horvath’s experience and routine helped him to score the important points for his team.

Thanks to all the players and every body who made this event happen. You players were all great! We feel that you played well and kept the motto of the day “faire game”. This has motivated us to bring you more in the near future: good prizes, show and entertainment, clear rules and a strict time table.

Special thanks to

The volunteer workers from the Community-Center: Nana ODK, Victor Uchenna, MiliJo, Derek Owusu, Hannah, Janade, Hanni, Roman and Aso Hoyzi. Your participation gave the tournament a good atmosphere and structure.

The Answer Crew: DJ Skillz, DJ Knight, Lisa and MC JoeJoe. Thanks a lot for the good atmosphere, music, excellent host, flyers and creative art work.